LABORATORY Quest room – an adventure in the laboratory of a mad scientist

An educational escape room – it is also perfect for teenage students

Difficulty level: 6/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 58 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

A joyful and bright interior – entirely different from the laboratory you’re expecting.

Each of us has a bit of a scientist in them, but not everyone is mad… But the riddles in this room are very much so! Your creativity, perceptivity, intuition, wit and coordination are put to test here. Your team has to be well-knit in order to succeed! A few different paths, which you can follow in this quest room, will eventually come together and guide you to the final solution, allowing you to escape from the mad scientist’s laboratory. He decided to test you thoroughly… Will you be up for the challenge? There’s not much time to escape from this trap…

Innovative technologies provide many possibilities of creating extraordinary puzzles – tricky lightning, hidden sounds or unknown formulas might be the key to the solution… This scientific pandemonium, this laboratory which is scientific, mathematical and physical all at the same time, will let you try almost everything. This is an escape room full of carefully chosen riddles that even experienced players will find surprising.

Only a mad man could have created this collection of odd tasks, based on physics and other branches of science. You will need a little bit of madness to solve them all! The pressure will be hard to bear, and even the smallest mistake might take away the precious seconds needed to get out of the escape room. Even though all the answers are there to reach for, every little detail is of the utmost importance….

The room is spacious and resembles a GP’s office, filled with a variety of objects, whether those are syringes or a cage used for scientific purposes. The game in the Laboratory escape room (Warsaw – Śródmieście) takes place under great pressure of time, and the ending is unexpected. Your struggles will be awarded if you prove your worth to the professor. Are you curious what the professor planned to amuse you at the very end of such a demanding game?

The room is recommended for ambitious and experienced groups. Regarding the level of difficulty, we advise you to come to the Laboratory in a group of minimum three people – unless you are a very experienced and energetic duo 😊 Show the mad scientistwhat you’re made of and solve his riddles to learn how exciting and surprising physics can be. This is definitely the most difficult game Room Escape Warszawa® offers.

WARNING! There is harsh, stroboscopic lighting in the room that might cause seizures in the case of epilepsy.