MEDIEVAL Quest Room – an adventure in a Teutonic castle

An escape room filled with history – perfectly suitable for families with children

Difficulty level: 5/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 54 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

The inside of an old castle – space, high ceilings and the secret of the Teutonic knights

Knightly oaths, occult associations, religious artefacts, foregone legends… and an escape game – the most popular form of entertainment of our times. The beauty of the Middle Ages comes together with the Teutonic myth and a tale of honour, treason, swords and blood! This is an adventurous escape the room kind of game, prepared with the lovers of ancient adventures and cold steel-using fights in mind. Your job is to get out of a castle that is home to many secrets. The one you will unveil at the very end will also be the most important – it will allow you to get out of the trap without any fatal wounds. Your escape will be celebrated with authentic trumpet flourishes!

Hidden passages, secret tombs and vaults, ghosts of former knights of the Teutonic Order. For many of you, it will feel like a journey into childhood. The climatic interior of the escape room will let you to feel as if you travelled back in time to the Middle Ages. The technology doesn’t clash with the atmosphere of the room due to how the puzzles were planned out. Your team will be able to break the codes and solve the most innovative riddles only if you cooperate with each other.

This is the greatest adventure in Room Escape Warszawa®, a crown jewel among the rooms we have designed so far. We hope you’ll appreciate its atmosphere. As usual, in order to enjoy the escape room, you will have to cooperate as a team; one person won’t be able to get their freedom back on their own. The riddles and mechanisms allow the younger participants to enjoy the game as well. Warsaw offers a wide choice of excellent escape rooms for entire families to spend time in. Discovering the consecutive chambers of the medieval castle is surely going to surprise even more experienced players.

60 minutes for this adventure is definitely too little time – that’s why you need to work fast and efficiently from the very beginning. Even more so, considering you will bump into many surprises and mysteries, just like in a real adventure. An old knight of the order is watching you throughout the game, and, if asked, he will give some advice to the group of daredevils. Remember: you are not alone, and the castle is home to the ghosts of the past. However, they are not to be afraid of – if you listen closely to their wailing you may be able to hear an important clue…