MUSEUM quest room – an adventure in a gallery of art and peculiarities

An adventurous escape room – the artsy interior hides a lot of technology, special effects and fun

Difficulty level: 4/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 52 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

An interior designed with the taste of a great art critic with an impeccable sense of aesthetic.

A quest room for people who would like to become intelligent burglars. A heavily guarded museum and a house full of peculiarities are now within the reach of your team, but will you be able to outsmart the security system? Let’s be honest – each and every one of us has dreamed about breaking in and getting to feel like a superhero at least once. What would happen if this dream was to come true? Find out at Room Escape Warszawa!

We have prepared an extraordinary set of puzzles and riddles, as usual. Find out if you’re able to overcome the escape room’s security system and get out on time! It won’t be easy, you will need a bit of knowledge about art and some artistic sense, but that’s not all. This escape room requires much more! Not only your brain will be put to test here, but also your body. Remember that a group of stealthy burglars does not consist of geniuses only – in order to reach your goal, you will need specialists in the field of code-breaking, and some multitalented, determined and physically fit people.

You will be breaking into consecutive chambers of the gallery of peculiarities in order to steal a piece of information that will allow you to leave the Museum escape room with the acquired loot safe in your hands. Getting out of this trap will leave you astonished. Humanists might have some advantage here, but a mathematical mind will also be needed on your team. This room is perfect for gamers with high aesthetical expectations. Museum is the most technologically advanced and versatile room out of the six we offer.

The Museum Escape Room (Warsaw – Praga district) is a fight against time. 60 minutes of an adventure you’ll never forget, of an adventure that will awaken your burglars’ instincts. Well though-out precautions, creative riddles and extraordinary technological solutions will definitely surprise you. However, your agenda is to prove the world that you’re not just a group of common burglars, but a well-organized team that mastered the skill of cooperation, and that there’s no riddle that can stop you. What are you capable of? You will soon get an answer to this question… We’ll do everything to stop you from getting out until the police get there… That is if you don’t set off the alarms by yourselves beforehand. Are you ready to put yourselves to a test?