TIME MACHINE Quest Room – an adventure in the space-time vortex

An adventurous escape room – perfect for the groups that want to check their communication skills

Difficulty level: 5/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 56 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

An interior of an old military bunker, situated somewhere in the middle of the desert.

The Time Machine is an amazing vehicle that will allow you and your team to travel in time and space. Enter the place where science comes together with history and dreams become reality. This mysterious escape room will teleport you in time and space, connecting places and epochs that seem completely different… but they do have something in common. Find out what it is and solve the final puzzle!

The time lift, which is your space-time harbour, will allow you to travel to places centuries apart. In order to fulfil the tasks that are connected within the space-time continuum, you might have to split and communicate with each other over special devices. The future, past and present mix together in this room. We have prepared extraordinary tasks in every place and epoch you will be visiting. 60 minutes is really not a lot of time to solve all the puzzles, so you have to be quick and precise from the very beginning.

The interior of the Time Machine escape room (Warsaw, Inżynierska street) is designed to look like a military bunker, hidden somewhere in the sands of the desert, which will turn out to be the beginning of an exciting adventure. The skills of swift communication, being observant and joining facts together will definitely be needed in this room. You will have to assemble the final solution using the pieces of information you will receive during your journey across the epochs. Will you be able to get out on time?

This is not an easy escape room. It requires its players to form a well-oiled team. You will have to connect the elements of all the puzzles together in order to open the door and come back to our times. You will find parts of information at the very beginning of the game; others will be retrieved only at the very end. You have to be very careful and you can’t lose anything on your way across the space-time vortex.

It’s quite a compact escape room in Room Escape Warszawa®, a room in which teambuilding is the key for success. We don’t recommend it for teams consisting of two people – the game in a duo might be a big challenge. Our escape room is perfect for experienced and ambitious players. Modern solutions mix together with mechanisms from old times. A lot of you will be shocked. If you have a bit of experience, this room was made for you.

The time in the Time Machine flies quickly and while you don’t have any power over it, you might be able to outsmart it. If you connect facts together well and if you learn to swiftly move across the space-time vortex, you might be able to break free from the shackles of time and solve the final quest.