Room Escape Warsaw is a rapidly developing entertainment company. We aim in providing our clients with top quality enjoyment. To this end, we cooperate with various partners and constantly look for new inspiration. We want Room Escape Warsaw to offer service suited perfectly to the needs of our customers.

What connected us with WyjątkowyPrezent company was a mutual goal – a desire to offer unique experience as a present. For some this may be a parachute jump, but others may choose Room Escape game as a weekend entertainment. Through the wyją website you can purchase a voucher which allows you to play one of our games in any location! On the Game Day a souvenir will be waiting for you hidden in the room as well..

The Warsaw Hostel

Best in Warsaw is an initiative of seven companies, which occupy the highest positions in TripAdvisor website ranking. Best in Warsaw aims at promoting the most interesting attractions among tourists visiting our capital. To help you reach more unique forms of spending leisure time special leaflets promoting Best In Warsaw attractions has been created. They contain information about Warsaw’s attractions and entitle you to many discounts. You can claim this small book in our Room Escape Warsaw as well! These are companies that cooperate with us: