BASEMENT quest room

An escape room with a tinge of fear – perfect for a hen or stag party.

Level of difficulty: 5/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 51 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

A mysterious interior that hides a lot of surprises.

Each and every one of us surely remembers the crippling fear and the rush of emotions that come with discovering dark, hidden places, old basements, attics and abandoned buildings. Goosebumps are guaranteed upon entering into this unknown, frightening and forbidden world. You will find an abundance of weird objects in this escape room, objects that will make your imagination run wild and form unbelievable stories in your heads. Long-forgotten fears might come back once the doors of this escape room close behind you with a metallic screech of a turning lock…

Amateurs of escape the room kind of games will definitely find something for themselves in this room. Creepy music, sound effects and an unconventional set of puzzles; objects that can only be found in the basement of an old house, that, at first glance, seem not to fit together at all. You will find many of these items in this particular basement and, even though their useful years have gone by, each of them might turn out to be the next link leading you to freedom…

The mystery of the old house, the shadows of the past lurking around the corner and the guardians of terrible secrets. Hidden chambers and walls that have seen many atrocities…. Will you, too, become the victims? Will the world forget about you? Or will you manage to get out before the little glimmer of hope you still have left completely dies out? You can depend only on yourselves, on your wit, intelligence, intuition and your friends on the team.

The adventure in the Basement (Śniadeckich 1/15 street, Warsaw) is an escape room perfect for a starting point in escape the room kind of games. This room lets the players learn the ropes of this kind of games, so that the next time they go to an escape room, they can feel like experienced players. Taking into consideration the big amount of hidden puzzles and mechanisms, as well as a variety of objects that are riddles, clues and solutions all at the same time, the Basement is not an easy room. You will have to decide the role of each item by yourselves.

The time runs out quickly, you have only 60 minutes to escape. You have to work fast and cooperate with each other to free yourselves from the trap. Don’t let the first success lead you astray – you will soon realise our Basement is a bottomless well, and the further you go, the more mysterious and puzzling it gets.