Real life Escape Game is a kind of an offline adventure team game which takes place in a room specially arranged for that purpose (the so called puzzle room) in which the participants are required to:

  • Solve several logic riddles
  • Open secret hiding places,
  • Discover hidden rooms,
  • Turning on different equipment,
  • And cooperate as a team.

All those activities are related to each other and lead to the finalization of the game which is the escape from a locked room. The game takes place in the real world under a time pressure, and it usually takes 60 minutes. The Escape Room game takes place under a watchful eye of the cameras. When the participants have a problem or they don’t know how to solve a riddle, an operator displays some suggestions. It is a completely new type of entertainment for both the adults and kids.


The origins of the “Escape Room” game:

The Escape the Room type of games have originated in the virtual world. The participants of the computer games had to escape a room by solving a series of puzzles and riddles, click on different objects, and open secret passage ways. In the era when we spend a lot of time in front of a computer, the games which allow us to get away from the monitor become more and more popular. In fact, the first real life escape game was created by computer programmers. It was created in Silicon Valley in 2006, and the script of the game was inspired by the works of Agatha Christie.

With time, the Escape Room became an important tourism attraction and began to gain an astounding popularity. It underwent a real evolution in Asia where the 35 year old Takao Kato created and developed the idea for the game in a scrap room in Kyoto (Japan) in 2008. This kind of entertainment attracted many fans in China and Singapore quite fast. A few years back, the game came to Europe and won the hearts of the Hungarians, and with time it appeared in other countries of the Old Continent.

The Escape Room in Warsaw

The real life games in Poland can be played since 2013. New puzzle rooms are constantly being created. Warsaw already has close to 90 escape rooms of which the largest scenarios offer is available in the Escape Room Warszawa® – the number one in an independent ranking, Trip Advisor, the winner of “The Good Design” competition organized by the Industrial Design Institute.

Laureat konkursu Dobry Wzór

Who can play in the Escape Room?

The desire to experience such an unforgettable adventure is universal, and so it is difficult to say who would be the typical Escape Room game player. Everybody plays – college or high school students, corporate workers, independent professionals, families with children, etc. Many companies decide to organize their integrative meetings in the Escape Room Warszawa®. Courageous people choose this place to propose marriage here, as well as have their bachelor and bridal parties. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a fearless Indiana Jones or medieval knight exploring dark secrets, even for a little while?

Escape Game Warszawa

Turn on the creative thinking!

You are locked in a room full of seemingly random objects. You have to give a meaning to the signs and symbols surrounding you and separate the ones which indicate the falls trail from the ones leading you straight to the exit of the room. In order to do that, you have to use those vast amounts of creativity that are in you and discover the spontaneous child that is in you. The moment when all the signs, which seemingly have nothing in common, finally come together in a coherent and logical whole rewards the effort put into the search!


Fortunately, you’re not on your own. You are accompanied by a brave team! Cooperation with other players is a necessary condition without which you will be locked forever in the darkness of the basement or the laboratory of a mad scientist. It soon becomes clear that each player has unique skills. Someone is great with calculations, someone else can carefully search every nook and cranny, and a newly appointed leader oversees the entire undertaking. Like a team of superheroes, you face new challenges. Communication is the key here without which your escapadewill be like wandering in a dense fog. Only a smooth flow of information will allow you to connect all the facts and resolve puzzles.

Escape the Room

Tik – tak, tik – tak…

The ability to work under time pressure declared during the interviews takes on areal meaning in The Escape Rooms. The time is ticking, and you have to tame the emotions and unravel one mystery after another.Perceptiveness and the ability to think analytically will come in handy. Don’t worry though, the Big Brother will be there for you and in case of any problems, he will give you a hint which, if used properly, will guide you towards the solution.

Ucieczka z pokoju

Take the challenge!

How often do you happen to be locked in an unknown room at your own request? The Escape Room Warszawa® you can choose the perfect trap for you and your team. In each of the six adventures of the Escape, you need to enable creative thinking, perceptiveness and get your team out of a trap in 60 minutes!

You can fight time on both sides of Warsaw: in the downtown area, near the metro close to the University of Technology at ul. Śniadeckich 1/15 and in an interesting place Dw. Wileński metro station in the Prague area at ul. Inżynierska1. Test your skills!