In short ROOM ESCAPE is a real time action-edventure game for teams. The goal is to escape from a set of rooms in a certain time. In order to do so, members of the team have to cooperate, look for creative solutions to the problems, use wits and logic. Usually the chamber is divided to 3 separate rooms – most of the groups are able to get to the last room, but only 1/3 is able to escape it.

How long is the game?

The game itself lasts 60 minutes. There is also an introduction and explanation of the rules, afterwards we take a picture of you. This is why you should reserve about 1.5 hours for the whole experience.

I have a booking for 11 o’clock. What time should I come?

Come at 11 o’clock, we have reserved some time in our schedule to accomodate all organizational issues.

How many people should be in the team?

The teams that take part in the game should have at least 2 and at most 5 participants. But the best fun is achieved when there are 3-4 people in the group, as 2 people may have problems solving some of the riddles and it gets a bit crowded when there are 5 of you.

The number of participants in my group changed. What should I do?

As long as you have not exceeded the maximum number of participants, that is 5, everything is ok! You pay for the group per room, not per participant.

May I play alone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. In each room there are tasks which require cooperation of two people.

Can my group be bigger than 5 people?

Unfortunately, no. The number of participants may not exceed 5.

What languages are available in ROOM ESCAPE games?

Information about the games are available in Polish and English. The games are not in any specific language – intuition is the key!

Where can I book the room?

The easiest way is to make a reservation on our website (click BOOKING). We prefer internet reservations, as we can send a confirmation email and prepare the game for your requirements. You can also call us, get some more information and book the game on the phone.

Can I come without making a booking earlier?

Yes, but there is a risk that none of the rooms will be free or you will have to wait for a long time or the room you are interested in will be booked for the whole day…This is why we encourage you to book the rooms online ( BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW! >> ) or by phone (+48 512 454 089) !

In what currency can I pay?

In PLN, euro or dollars – we are always prepared for the foreigners, but be aware that the change will be given to you in PLN!

Can I pay by card or cash only?

Cash only. The ATM is right around the corner!

Do you sell gift cards or vouchers?

Of course! If you want to give a unique present to someone and this can be a voucher to play ROOM ESCAPE WARSZAWA game, then why not? Vouchers are valid for 3 months, so they can be used some time after purchasing!

Can I rent ROOM ESCAPE WARSZAWA for some special occasions? If yes, then what can it be?

In ROOM ESCAPE you can make a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party or integration day for the company. We are always happy to see school classes, students or whole families. We believe that everything can be arranged – we just have to discuss the details!

How should I dress?

Comfortably! It is better to come in a tracksuit than in a tuxedo 😉 Our rooms, although kept in the right atmosphere, are still clean and tidy, so you should not get dirty (too much).