Escape Room SUBMARINE – adventure on Nautilus!

An escape room full of surprises – perfect for families with children!

Level of difficulty – 6/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 52 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

The interior of a mysterious submarine – engine room, captain’s bridge, underwater cave.

Exploration of the deep sea in Captain Nemo’s extraordinary submarine is yet another escape room that will delight you not only with the décor but, above all, with the variety of modern puzzles kept in the climate of adventure. The unusual interior of the cockpit and Captain’s Quaters, who was a lover of art and classical music, is refined in every inch. On board this ship you will feel like real ocean conquerors! You will be able to operate navigation devices, use the periscope, play the piano and prove yourself by starting Nautilus engines with the help of a power crystal. The captain left the ship with the crew to explore the mysterious underwater cave. Unfortunately, their return is effectively hindered by sea monsters that the brave sailors have never dreamed of. That is why you, last passengers of the famous submarine, have the task of starting the engines and saving the crew! You must find the power crystal and replace it in the engine room!

60 minutes of fascinating adventure await, as after one hour Nautilus will sink to the bottom and stay in the deep sea forever. Only Captain Nemo had access to the power crystal and only he knew how to start the engines of his beloved boat. Therefore, if you want to find a crystal, you must think like a Nautilus commander! Surely you will have to show creativity, unconventional thinking, and above all teamwork and courage as explorers. We believe that you will be able to start the Nautilus’s engines  at full power and go on a further journey to explore the ocean.

The submarine is the newest member of the Room Escape Warszawa® puzzle family. The idea for this room came to Warsaw from Szczecin’s Escapada. Currently, after modifications and changes to the scenario and the expansion of the repertoire of puzzles, the submarine room has expanded the offer for adventures in Room Escape adventures at ul. Śniadeckich.

The team of escape room creators from Room Escape Warsaw have made every effort to ensure that this adventure meets the expectations of the most demanding players. Both the riddles and the room decoration itself will be remembered for a long time by the daredevils who dare to enter the legendary Nautilus. It is an escape room perfect for both company integration as well as family adventure.

We invite you to visit the youngest escape room on Śniadeckich street!