INTERACTIVE – an escaperoom of a new generation – perfectly suited for families, school groups or team building activities.

INTERACTIVE – an escaperoom of a new generation – perfectly suited for families, school groups or team building activities.

Level of difficulty – 5/6

Time: 60 minutes

Average escape time: 56 minutes

Amount of players: 2-5

Interactive is a room that hasn’t been done before. This is an escaperoom of a new generation! The minimalistic design will transport the players into the future. The action of the room takes place somewhere in the universe where the candidates for a position of intergalactic guardians of the independence of our galaxy are taking their final tests. It has been known for a long time now that we are not alone in the cosmos and it’s only a matter of time until the extra-terrestrial beings pa yus a visit. The Star Fleet is the saviour of the whole humanity, ensuring its peace and safety is not in danger. You have a one of a kind chance to join the fleet’s corps. If only you succeed in going through this room full of riddles – an intergalactic test – you will have the opportunity to join the Star Fleet’s elite squad. Your predispositions will be put to a test during the exams. Individualism doesn’t matter here, but the ability to work together as a team and the skill of performing well under the pressure of time will be of grave importance. We will put your basic knowledge of the cosmos under evaluation. Your skills of observation, logical thinking and making creative associations will be challenged like never before. As always in Room Escape Warsaw, the room will also contain agility tasks – maybe we will be able to surprise and amuse you. Sharpen your senses, you will need them during this escape. The rulers of this chamber are the colours – the basic element of intergalactic communication. Check if you have the skills to cope with an escape room straight out of the future.
As the name itself suggests, Interactive is a room that requires interaction with both: yourselves and the room and its riddles that verify competences of its recruits. The game will show who’s competent at logical thinking, who’s got great observation skills, and who’s good at remembering crucial information. Communication, thinking out of the box and team work will be not be of less importance, though. The most vital thing is to remember that you’re all in this together! The test’s aim is not to determine the best candidate, but to find out how strong is the bond between you all. A single player, however good and intelligent he might be, won’t succeed is saving our galaxy. We need competent, fluent and coordinated teams to cooperate, so during the challenge we will verify your abilities to work as one. To pass the test each player needs to commit and focus in 100%, so their abilities as one individual transform into abilities as one commune. Take the challenge and see how will the room from the future work for you!

One room, many scripts. Interactive will astonish you in every way . An escape room like this one hasn’t been done before. A world of colours and sounds, ascetic in its construction and yet overflowing with special effects. It is, as always in Room Escape Warsaw, an unforgettable experience. It is a room that sets a new direction in the field of real life escape games.