INDIANA Quest room – an adventure in a mysterious chamber

An adventurous escape room – perfect for shared fun for the entire family

Difficulty level: 4/6

Game time: 60 minutes

Average time of escape: 54 minutes

Number of players: 2-5

A spacious interior with an ethnic feel

During an ethnographic expedition, away from any civilisation, somewhere far in the jungle, you have fallen into a fatal trap. You are locked in an ancient tomb you have been exploring. It turns out you are not the first ones get here, but if you manage to solve the mystery of the place, you may be the first ones who manage to get out of this Escape Room. This is a quest room in which you have to use all of your knowledge and wits, trust your primal instincts and follow the rules and the power of logic to find your way back to freedom.

Lovers of Indiana Jones series will feel like kids in a candy store. Anyone who loves adventure novels and watched National Treasure with a smile on their face will feel like true heroes, unveiling the secret of the ancient culture for the world to see. In this adventure, the antique times and culture blend with the modernity and fortunes of the researchers who had tried to discover the secret of the tomb’s tribe before you.

Like every escape room in Room Escape Warszawa®, INDIANA is full of nooks and mysterious places. Not all the signs, mechanisms and important objects are visible right away. As the time goes by and with every solved riddle, more and more secrets and treasures will become visible. The chamber contains a lot of clues. You will find scattered pieces of information that have been left behind by explorers straight from the National Geographic magazine. You will be amazed by ancient paintings, artefacts and historic mechanisms created by the primal people of these lands. And, just as usual in an escape the room kind of game, you have to make your way out of the chamber that has become a grave for many daredevils, ones just like you and your team…

The INDIANA escape room (Warsaw, Śniadeckich 1/15 street) is a very positive room, perfect for familial fun, no age limit. It’s mysterious, but spacious and colourful at the very same time. It lets even the youngest players discover old secrets and help their parents with searching the room and enjoying the game. However, do not let the friendly and familial nature fool you. You will need quite a lot of knowledge and skills of experienced travellers. Many teams have failed in their attempts of escaping from this room and solving the uncommon riddles. Getting out of the INDIANA room is perfect for a company integration party, a hangout with friends or a birthday party for kids. This quest room might even surprise the fans of real life escape games with its tasks relaying heavily on cooperation.

All is left after the daredevils who got there before you are their remains. You have to treat them as a warning and a clue! Remember, the tomb is first and foremost a place of burial – you have to do everything to avoid becoming one of the many who found their eternal rest right in these chambers. You have only 60 minutes to escape from the mysterious room. If the time runs out, you will find yourselves surrounded by eternal darkness… Will you make it in time?