ROOM ESCAPE puts you in a tricky situation where you need to find your way out of the locked room.

It is a real-time adventure game which requires the participant to think fast, to be creative and observant but – most of all – to work as a team. The main quest in the game it to escape the trap through solving puzzles and riddles which will test both your dexterity as well as logic. So gather your team, enter the room and look up to the challenge! But remember: you have only 60 minutes to escape!
You can become a real-time action hero just like in the movies, without the need to enter virtual reality.
The idea to play real life ROOM ESCAPE was transferred directly from computer games. It is a new, so far unknown in Poland alternative to spending free time which recently gained great popularity around the world, mostly in China, Japan, Hong Kong and United States.


is not only a great idea to transfer your attention from your PC or television set to something else but also to spend some quality time with your friends and family, regardless of the time or weather. It is also a great idea for team building exercises and integration where colleagues from work can train their team-working skills, establish their competence and role in the group. WARNING! Teamwork is crucial for this exercise! The best experience is for teams consisting of 2-5 participants.

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